Occasionally it seems that world is in pure chaos with nothing making sense, but that doesn't matter as long as I can sew. Sewing is a form of art, or at the very least creativity, and a form of expression. A great outlet for the tension of everyday life. Also you can make cute things. The craft revolution is truly taking place, old skills are being revived by a new generation, but with a seriously modern twist.

I've made Mario pillow cases, a giraffe print background, and turned duvet covers into summer dresses. I enjoy making something unique, special, and me- then I like wearing it and watching it fall to pieces or not fit properly. Then I enjoy (slightly less) fixing it.

One day I shall have a room filled with glorious fabrics and boxes of notions, and on that day I will have found my nirvana. But until then this blog will exist as my virtual haberdashery and sewing room. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoy looking at other blogs, and you'll be inspire to make something of your own.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Home Made Plastic Bag Dispenser

This is a post about making a home made plastic bag dispenser.  That is the rock and roll life I lead.  But my sister got my a fat quarter of fabric with awesome dinosaurs on it.   I wanted to make something cool from it but there wasn't enough for clothes and, since the fabric is a light colour, a bag wouldn't have stayed clean very long. 

So, since I have numerous plastic bags under my bed from trips out shopping when I forgot my shopping bag when shopping, or remembered it but still needed extra bags because I was on a health kick and bought mountains of fruit to take home, or purposely took a tiny bag because I didn't want to carry a big bag only to find it entirely inadequate for needs after the first shop, and I need to use my plastic bags to justify their existence. 

Anyway the bag was simple to make.
1. Fold the fabric in half right sides together and sew up the open side.

2. Fold over the open ends and pin around to create a tube for elastic.

3. Attach some ribbon to the ends and sew them down.

4. Feed through the elastic.

5. Turn the Dispenser right way out and fill with plastic bags.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sun Cola- Mini Craft Project

For a little present in boyfriends awesome stocking I thought I would take inspiration from Dead Space (a game he likes) which according to the Dead Space wiki features a drink called Sun Cola (apparently there are a number of vending machines and posters). 

It was very low-fi craft but I printed out the Sun Cola logo and taped it to a can of Coke.   I thought it was a cute idea that looked nice.  Boyfriend, however, didn't understand what it was and tried to pull off the sticker (with me screaming "no don't pull it off- it's Dead Space!!").  Well once he understood and had googled it he went 'mmm' and left it on the coffee table.