Occasionally it seems that world is in pure chaos with nothing making sense, but that doesn't matter as long as I can sew. Sewing is a form of art, or at the very least creativity, and a form of expression. A great outlet for the tension of everyday life. Also you can make cute things. The craft revolution is truly taking place, old skills are being revived by a new generation, but with a seriously modern twist.

I've made Mario pillow cases, a giraffe print background, and turned duvet covers into summer dresses. I enjoy making something unique, special, and me- then I like wearing it and watching it fall to pieces or not fit properly. Then I enjoy (slightly less) fixing it.

One day I shall have a room filled with glorious fabrics and boxes of notions, and on that day I will have found my nirvana. But until then this blog will exist as my virtual haberdashery and sewing room. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoy looking at other blogs, and you'll be inspire to make something of your own.

Friday, 2 November 2012

How to print onto a t-shirt...

Well I'm still in the experimental stage but I've been wanting to look into printing onto fabric (like a t-shirt), and also I've been preoccupied with dinosaurs because they're awesome.  I found a picture of a stegosaurus on the interwebs, where everything lives, and copied it out onto paper (yes this process started reassuring in the familiar world of the interwebs but turned terrifyingly to the dark ages of paper and pen but stay calm and enjoy the detour into the caveman world).

Then I bought some craft foam and copied the drawing onto it, and cut out the stegosaurus shape.  This became by stamper- it's not great without a wood block to hold onto especially since it's a fairly large stamp making a little fiddly and messy.  But then, there hasn't really been a craft project of mine that hasn't made a mess...

I placed a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to separate the to layers so the paint didn't bleed through (although it really wasn't runny enough to do that anyway) and made sure the fabric lay nice and flat.  I made a few dots on the t-shirt to indicate where I wanted the stegosauruses to go, this helped make sure they would fit.  Then I painted a thin layer of paint onto the foam stamp, placed it onto my t-shirt, and pressed down firmly concentrating on the edges.  From my tests I knew it would result in a fairly sketchy imprint that I would the have to paint over the top of it so that's I did. 

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