Occasionally it seems that world is in pure chaos with nothing making sense, but that doesn't matter as long as I can sew. Sewing is a form of art, or at the very least creativity, and a form of expression. A great outlet for the tension of everyday life. Also you can make cute things. The craft revolution is truly taking place, old skills are being revived by a new generation, but with a seriously modern twist.

I've made Mario pillow cases, a giraffe print background, and turned duvet covers into summer dresses. I enjoy making something unique, special, and me- then I like wearing it and watching it fall to pieces or not fit properly. Then I enjoy (slightly less) fixing it.

One day I shall have a room filled with glorious fabrics and boxes of notions, and on that day I will have found my nirvana. But until then this blog will exist as my virtual haberdashery and sewing room. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoy looking at other blogs, and you'll be inspire to make something of your own.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

What the what?!?- Nipple Fashion Design

So I recently gandered at Remake it: Clothes which I was bought for christmas and stumbled upon Nippleocalpse by Rachel Freire.

Rachel Freire makes couture from meat and leather by-products- as you do.  Her Nippleocalpse collection is made from cow nipples.   The nipples are collected from waste in an ethically operated tannery (I'm quoted the book here, ethically operated tannery sounds like an oxymoron to me).  She made two dresses and used around 3000 nipple 'petals'.

So this dress was controversial and what not but as the designer said it is the same basic materials as what makes your shoes and handbags normally.   If it was human nipples (as I initially thought it was for a brief second of insanity that I assume everyone else also experienced) I would understand . I wouldn't chose to wear myself but that's because it clearly the most unwearable dress in the world- it's underwear, a train, and a really tall hat.  I mean what event would you be going to?  Thoughts?  Comments? Suggestions?

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